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IT Consultancy

We provide IT consultancy services for organizations based on the requirement of the individual organization.

IT consultancy is about plugging the gap in an organization’s IT expertise. Almost all companies, at some stage,

require outsourced expertise to enable them to expand or get better value for money.

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IT Competency Audit

Our complete audit of your office IT setup would include hardware, software, network and information management.

Outcome of the audit would enable the organization to identify flaws or weakness within IT infrastructure.

The audit report would also include solutions to the identified issues and recommendations on enhancing the

IT infrastructure to keep the organization competitive among its competitors.

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IT Managed Services

Need someone to manage your office IT set-up but having a full-time staff too costly for you? We understand!

That is why we provide IT Managed Services to cover all your IT support and management needs.

Our IT Managed Service Contracts range from Basic IT Support on PCs and Servers to a Complete and

Comprehensive 24/7 Managed Services on your office IT systems.

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NEW! Data Recovery Services

Data lost from your hard disk? Computer crashed and need to recover data?

No worries! We recover data from even the 'hopeless' situations. Our state of art technology would

enable us to recover data from any data medium.

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NEW! Ergonomics Audit

It is VERY CRUCIAL to ensure proper Ergonomic setup in the office. An Ergonomically Engineered workplace

is a Win-Win set up for the worker as well as the employer as it ensures good health and energy of the

worker as well as to increase productivity for the organization.



IT Training

An educated workforce is essential for the success of any business. Training and upgrading the staff is essential, be it in a good or bad time in business. One of the reasons that gives a business a competitive advantage over its competitors, is its ability to groom the workforce to face challenges of today as well as tomorrow. We provide various IT training courses ranging from Microsoft Office Training Courses to customized training courses on applications of any individual organization. The courses will be customized to the requirement of the individual organization. SDF grants are also available for most of the courses

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